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Cockpit Cover

These pictures are of a cover that I built out of a cheap blue tarp. The cover goes over the pop top and over the binini. When the cover is on the back of the pop top cover can be left open and everything stays dry all the way to the back of the cockpit. The cover is used full size.(The size that it came) I added snaps to the tarp and the side of the boat so the cover is easy to put on. I added a small window to each side so that when sitting in the cockpit we can see out to the sides.

The cover is held down on each side of the pop top. This keeps the wind out. We use the cover for protection from rain and to keep the wind out on cool nights. Since we sleep in the cockpit it is nice not to have to worry about a shower in the middle of the night..

The main sheet must be disconnected from the boom when the cover is on so I drilled a large hole in the end cap of the boom and made a pole that would fit into the boom and reach the backstay. This arrangement would hold the boom in place when the sheet was disconected