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Starboard Seat Storage

This picture shows the way the starboard seat was cut out to get a storage area from an area that was of little use. The 88 had the battery under the little hatch and the rest of the area was not accessable. The seat was cut out so that the cushion and the new 1/2" thick hatch would stand up by themselves when opened. A 3/4" plywood floor was installed to support the battery and keep things out of the bilge. A hole was cut in the floor to allow bailing of the bilge. The battery was turned so that it would be further aft and take up less room. The partition next to the battery keeps things from coming in contact with the battery and also supports the seat. There is also a partition at the front of the opening to support the other end of the seat. A plastic bin is put in the compartment to hold items and there is leftover room that is used for shoes which were always in the way.

The hole was framed with 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 wood which was notched so the plywood lid is flush with the seat and is held by screws every 6".